Help & FAQs

•   I'm concerned about having all my information "out there." How do you protect my privacy?     view answer

•   I can't search for anyone. Where is the search engine?     view answer

•   Why isn't the site free?     view answer

•   I registered but I can't log in (or forgot my username or password). Help!     view answer

•   How do I change or add information to my profile?     view answer

•   How often do I need to update my profile?     view answer

•   Will people see everything I've entered in my profile?     view answer

•   If I send someone a message, will they see my e-mail address?     view answer

•   I searched for my best friend from second grade but she isn't listed in the search results. How will I know if she signs up?     view answer

If you have other questions that weren't addressed here, send us an email. We won't know what the "Frequently Asked Questions" are if no one asks them!