About Us at LostFriendFound

Like many businesses, Lost Friend Found began out of frustration.

One of our founders, LouAnn, has been trying to find a childhood friend for many years. One day, after another fruitless search, she e-mailed a rant to Joanne. She ranted about websites she had tried, complaining that they had too many limits or too many fees. She asked, "Why isn't there a place on the web where, if someone was looking for you, they could find you easily? It could be where no real info is revealed, but with an e-mail server people could use to contact each other, and you could only connect with people if you were on there yourself. It wouldn't be constantly update-able but would be a stable database of people, like, say, my seventh-grade friend, who has disappeared into the mists of history. People could choose to be listed by their first, middle, maiden, and multitude of married names, list all the places they went to school and worked and lived... It wouldn't be like those sites where somebody has to know you are looking at their profile or ‘friend’ you…"

To which Joanne responded, "This is definitely something that can be done."

A week later, the two friends had a domain name and this website was born.

Maybe you’ve been looking for someone, too. Maybe LouAnn’s friend from seventh grade has been looking for her, also, but she’s a little difficult to locate, having moved and changed names a couple of times. Maybe you’ve tried those other sites, the ones that annoy you with spam and charge you extra for all the services you really want. We understand, because we’ve been annoyed and disappointed, too.

Lost Friend Found is a safe place to record your information and then wait for the lost parts of your world to come back to you. We keep your personal information secure and accessible at the same time, because that’s how we wanted it ourselves. Click here to find out how.

We like the way Lost Friend Found turned out. Let us know what you like and what you would change by clicking here.

Oh, and if you happened to go to Henderson County Middle School in the early 1970’s, look LouAnn up. She’s here waiting.