Welcome to Lost Friend Found!

Why Lost Friend Found?

There is a myth that you can find absolutely anyone on the Internet. You can't. We know, because we've tried.

Whatever happened to your best friend from seventh grade? Whatever happened to that crush from high school? What became of the teacher who influenced you so much? Where is the minister or commanding officer or boss who changed the course of your life?

Be here waiting.

Unfortunately, we can't answer those questions for you. But we can give you a place to be waiting when your old friends, relatives, or colleagues want to find you. Lost Friend Found is the place to put all the information they will need.

Customize your profile to fit your life. Enter every name you have ever been known by, including stage names and nicknames. Put in places you have worked, lived, gone to school, served in the military. Include professional and service clubs, organizations and churches. We even give you a space for specific keywords that don't fit anywhere else, like "Camp Pennyroyal" or "Mrs. Oliver's class."

Best of all, you have complete control over your information. No one but you has access to your full profile. You decide when and how to reveal your current information. We will never sell, rent, or share your personal information for fun or profit. We don't like spam or junk mail or telemarketing, either. So even if they offer us a million kajillion bucks, your information is safe with us. Get all the details in our privacy policy.

What about the old friend you're seeking? Enter your search terms, and we'll watch for your lost friend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Every four years, we'll throw in February 29, too. The moment someone matching your search criteria comes on board, we'll let you know with an e-mail, and you can take it from there. Click here to see how our search engine works and how our service protects your personal information.

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Lost Friend Found is your place to remember, reconnect, and renew. For a limited time, join for free and enjoy a 25% discount off annual dues for life.